Frequently Asked Questions


Informed Streets is a web-based software that allows users to track pavement conditions and maintenance. It also provides short- and long-term pavement planning metrics and helps users understand when to apply the right pavement treatment to maximize the investment in street infrastructure.

Informed Streets is not a complete asset management software for all assets. It is a pavement planning and maintenance software focused on preserving the life of your pavement assets. We are developing future functionality to include the management of other non-pavement assets.

Informed Streets was developed as a tool for municipalities to manage their pavement maintenance. It can be used by any entity that manages pavement assets such as county governments, airports, and departments of transportation.

Informed Streets is built to run on top of your existing GIS. It uses your existing GIS layers and security. During the setup of Informed Streets, our GIS analysts will work with your staff to ensure complete integration with your existing system.

Informed Streets is provided as a web-based software as a service, so there is no need to download or install it. You can just click the login button at the top of the page on informedstreets.com.

No. Informed Streets is licensed at the organization level. A single organizational license includes unlimited users for your organization. Because Informed Streets runs on top of your existing web GIS, there may be a limitation to the number of users based on your ArcGIS licensing with ESRI.

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